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The Teaching Cove is an organized, fun way to connect to expert resources. Are you an English teacher looking for classroom resources, or ways to motivate your students? Organizational life hacks to make your life simpler? The Teaching Cove is here to help you!

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3 More Vocabulary Games for ESL featured

3 More Vocabulary Games For ESL Students (To Kickstart Your Class)

Looking for vocabulary games to help your ESL students learn? Check out 3 more fun games and how they can help you make your English lessons awesome!

3 Awesome Activities to Teach Adjectives featured

3 Awesome Activities To Teach Adjectives [Lesson Plan]

Want a step-by-step lesson plan to teach adjectives (form and use) to your ESL students? Read about 3 awesome, easy activities inside! Quick, simple answers to questions like “Why can’t I put this adjective before/after a noun”?

How To Write A Cover Letter featured

How To Use The S.T.A.R Method To Write A Cover Letter

Need help writing a cover letter or teaching your students to write one? Read this post on how I used the S.T.A.R method to get it right!

Motivational Monday 52 featured luck

Motivational Monday: Sometimes Not Getting What You Want Is A Stroke of Luck

“Sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck” – The Dalai Lama’s quote is an excellent reminder that when things don’t work out…

Motivational Monday 50 featured Courage

Motivational Monday: What Good Are Wings Without The Courage To Fly?

“What good are wings without the courage to fly”? – Atticus’ quote (from Harper Lee) is a beautiful reminder that courage is essential to reach…

Motivational Monday 49 Falling Apart

Motivational Monday: Sometimes When Things Seem to Be Falling Apart, They Fall Into Place

Sometimes, when things seem to be falling to pieces, they are really falling into place” – This quote by an unknown author is a great reminder that in order to fall into place, sometimes life needs to fall apart…

10 Teacher Deals featured

10 Great Teacher Deals You’ll Love (& Free Stuff, Too)

Looking for school suppliers or teacher deals to make your life as a teacher easier? Check out this post on teacher products and resources…

7 Ways To Find An ESL Teaching Job featured

7 Ways To Find An ESL Teaching Job

As the summer holidays speed on by, are you looking for an ESL teaching job or English teaching job? Looking to supplement your income and teach part time?

How To Organize To Increase Productivity featured

How To Organize To Increase Your Productivity

Do you ever find yourself procrastinating by organizing? Well, I find that this type of procrastination can actually increase productivity…

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