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I’m Sapna and I’m here to help! After I left the corporate world in 2011 to follow my passions, I decided to teach English, study for a Master’s at Oxford, travel, and move my busy life  to Barcelona. (You can read my story here)

The Teaching Cove is an organized, fun way to connect to expert resources. Are you an English teacher looking for classroom resources, or ways to motivate your students? Organizational life hacks to make your life simpler? The Teaching Cove is here to help you!

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7 Ways To Ace the CAE

7 Tips & Sites to Help You Ace the CAE

Do you or your students plan to take the CAE (Cambridge Advanced Exam)? Check out my top 7 sites and tips to help you ace the CAE!

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How To Get Teens To Write

How To Get Teens To Write This Summer: 5 Tips

Have you heard of “summer slide”? What can you do to get teens to write this summer? Check out 5 fun ways to keep your teen (or English students) writing!

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10 Great Books for Teens featured

10 Great Books for Teens & Young Adults

Looking for great books for teens this summer? Preparing novel studies for next school year? Here are 10 of my favourites – they work well for ESL, too!

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Motivational Monday 39 Patience

Motivational Monday: Patience Is The Key To Paradise

“Patience is the key to paradise” – Turkish Proverb. This beautiful saying is an excellent reminder that in addition to hard work, patience is key…

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Motivational Monday 38 - Organizing

Motivational Monday: For Every Minute Spent Organizing, An Hour Is Earned

“For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned”. Benjamin Franklin’s quote reminds us that sometimes, organization can be a productive start…

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Motivational Monday 37 - Beginning Makes The Conditions Perfect

Motivational Monday: Beginning Makes The Conditions Perfect – On Fresh Starts

“Do not wait until the conditions are perfect. Beginning makes the conditions perfect” – Alan Cohen’s words are an excellent reminder that fresh starts…

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5 Tips for Tutoring Consultations featured

5 Tips For Holding A Free Tutoring Consultation

Looking to tutor English? Should you give students a free lesson or free consultation? Read on to see why you should and discover my top 5 tips!

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How I Learned Spanish

How I Learned To Speak Spanish in 8 Months: 5 Tips

What’s the best way to learn to speak Spanish (or any language)? Is studying abroad really best? Whether you’re a learner or a teacher, read about 5 tips…

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5 Language Learning Myths featured

5 Language Learning Myths You Should Stop Believing Now

Want to learn a foreign language? Check out these 5 language learning myths that you should stop believing now, and what to believe instead…

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