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I’m Sapna and I’m here to help! After I left the corporate world in 2011 to follow my passions, I decided to teach English, study for a Master’s at Oxford, travel, and move my busy life  to Barcelona. (You can read my story here)

The Teaching Cove is an organized, fun way to connect to expert resources. Are you an English teacher looking for classroom resources, or ways to motivate your students? Organizational life hacks to make your life simpler? The Teaching Cove is here to help you!

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Motivational Monday 91 Read Featured

Motivational Monday: When You Read, Climb Inside & Live The Experience

When was the last time you made time to read for fun? Summer is the perfect opportunity to “climb and live inside” a book. Find ways to encourage reading…

5 Reasons to Use Roleplay ESL featured

5 Reasons To Use Roleplay In Your ESL Speaking Class Now

Have you ever used roleplay in your ESL class? Want to learn how? Whether you teach kids or adults, and especially if you teach younger children, roleplaying games can help you create authentic materials, run speaking classes your students will love and allow you to have fun teaching students of all ages…

5 Fun Ways To Teach Phrasal Verbs featured

5 Fun & Innovative Ways To Teach Phrasal Verbs

Looking for fun ways to teach phrasal verbs? Are you an English native speaker, but struggle to explain or teach phrasal verbs to your students? Read this post for 5 fun ways to approach this difficult grammar topic!…

Motivational Monday 100 Perspective featured

Motivational Monday: Nowhere or Now Here? A Matter of Perspective

Have you ever noticed how much difference a change in perspective can make? A different person’s view can change a story. Want to know how to gain…


Motivational Monday: You Miss 100% of The Shots You Don’t Take – On Opportunities

Have you ever wondered whether to take up new opportunities or not? Debate about what to say and how? This post on taking up new challenges can help…

Motivational Monday 93 Let Go featured

Motivational Monday: Let Go – The Only Moment You Have Is This One

Isn’t it so difficult to let go of the past and embrace the present? You still want to keep those future goals in mind, right? Read this post for tips…


7 Simple Ways To Design Your Space With Style

Looking for a design project for your educational, office or home space this summer? Want to learn how a few simple changes can add style…?

5 Teach Online Tips featured

5 Great Tips To Teach English Online Effectively

Thinking of teaching online? Want to see if you can teach online to bring in a little extra income, or start a new career from the comfort of your home? Read on for 5 top tips to make your online teaching the best it can be!…

How To Set SMART Goals With Your Students (Lesson Planning Trick)

Want lesson planning tricks for your class or tutoring students? Learn how to set goals with them and guide your lesson planning to make it efficient, fun and effective! Read on…

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