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The Teaching Cove is an organized, fun way to connect to expert resources. Are you an English teacher looking for classroom resources, or ways to motivate your students? Organizational life hacks to make your life simpler? The Teaching Cove is here to help you!

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How To Use Roleplay Adventures To Teach Vocabulary Words (For Kids & Adults!)

Looking for a fun way to get ESL kids or ESL beginners (even adults) interested in learning vocabulary words? Read for roleplay techniques and free worksheets…

Motivational Monday 91 Read Featured

Motivational Monday: When You Read, Climb Inside & Live The Experience

When was the last time you made time to read for fun? Summer is the perfect opportunity to “climb and live inside” a book. Find ways to encourage reading…

5 Reasons to Use Roleplay ESL featured

5 Reasons To Use Roleplay In Your ESL Speaking Class Now

Have you ever used roleplay in your ESL class? Want to learn how? Whether you teach kids or adults, and especially if you teach younger children, roleplaying games can help you create authentic materials, run speaking classes your students will love and allow you to have fun teaching students of all ages…

Motivational Monday Rise Above the Little Things featured

Motivational Monday: Rise Above The Little Things

Have you heard the expression “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff”? John Burroughs reminds us to let go, to “Rise above the little things”, but it’s easier said than done. Read on for tips!


Motivational Monday: On Culture – Everything You Think Is Right Can Be Wrong

“Everything you think is right can be wrong in another place” – Barbara Kingsolver. Have your plans gone haywire due to culture shock? Stay positive with these tips…


Motivational Monday: Deciding Between Two Equally Awesome Choices

How do you decide between two equally great choices? Read on to find out how to make great decisions, and the choices and sacrifices we need for success…


Speed Studying: The Awesome Year End Review Game Your Students Will Love

Looking for a fun year end review studying game? Want to help students study for the end of semester exam they are dreading? Check out this new fun printable for your English class (or any other class, really!)


What A Wellness Retreat Taught Me About Productivity (3 Low-Stress Tips)

Stressed and not sure how to manage your workload? Here’s what I learned at a health and wellness retreat – 3 top tips to quiet your mind…

5 Thriller Lesson Ideas You Can Use All Year

5 Thriller ESL Lesson Plans To Use All Year

Want ESL thriller lesson plans that are not just for Halloween? Adults, teens and kids alike love ESL lesson plans with a thriller theme. Check these out!

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