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Build Your Dream

“If you don’t build you dream, someone else will hire you to build theirs” 

Life coach Tony Gaskins’ words are a great reminder that the time to build the world you want for yourself is now.

Do you ever wonder what would happen if you followed a dream you’ve always had? Does it seem just a little too crazy to really work out?

I completely understand that little nagging feeling. What if the hurdle is too high? If the risk of throwing away the security of the comfort zone isn’t worth the potential reward, what will you do? I remember the first time I threw away a well-paid, corporate job to dive into running a tutoring business full-time, on my own.

Woah. That was scary. I remember thinking after handing in my resignation letter.  So liberating. So terrifying.

There’s a thrill in that terror though. It’s called passion.

If you’re still with me on today’s slightly unusual post, I’d like to take you through three parts that I believe are essential in making any dream happen and creating the life you want.

Three Steps To Build Your Dream


1. Find Your Passion


Tony Gaskins says that the key to creating your dreams is “following your passion and purpose”.

I agree with him, 100%.  Define your passion and let it be the fuel that carries you forward. What are you passionate about? What’s the life you really want?

Keep it simple and write it down in two sentences. I want a life where… If you can answer this, you are half-way there.

Tony’s book Dream Chaser explains his philosophy; you can grab a copy here. If you’re in the UK or Europe, please click here instead.



2. Make A Plan You Believe In

Goal Without Plan

If we’ve met before, you know that I’m all about goal setting!  You have my Goal Setting Template, right? If not, sign up at the end of this post and you’ll receive one in your welcome email. (Oh, and you’ll have access to my growing library of free resources, too).

So, how does goal setting work?  Every three to six months, write down your short, medium and long term goals.  Make sure they are SMART goals. (If you missed my post on goal setting, check it out here).

Yes, it’s a mechanical process. It’s not always fun to follow. Sometimes, it feels like you are turning life into a series of controllable, robotic steps.

Remember to find the passion in the mechanics. Believe in the end goal. While the process is not always fun, the passion you have for the life you want can keep you working harder and longer every step of the way.


3. Hard Work: The Easy Part


So, don’t forget to work your butt off.  Yes, hard work is grueling.  It’s the only way, though. Really, I believe that if you put time, effort and determination into every step of the plan you make, you will reach your goals. Even if they seem like they’re not working out. Maybe it seems like you’re taking the world’s longest route to get to the life you want, but hard work will lead you in the right direction.

I remember the grueling effort I put into trying to stay in the UK as a foreigner.

48 applications to jobs way beneath my experience level. In an economy where overqualified people were getting entry level jobs. 5 interviews. 1 short term position that couldn’t be extended. No visa help. Even from an employer that offered me a new job. Brick walls.

It didn’t work.

It lead me here to Spain, though. To a new route to achieve my passions. So, every bit of effort was worth it.

What are your dreams? A goal you’ve always wanted, but haven’t gone for yet? I’d love to hear your comments below! Do you have a success story that exemplifies Tony Gaskins’ quote? Please share it with us below!


Have a productive and lovely Monday!



P.S. For the photography lovers who are curious, I took the photo for today’s poster in San Francisco, California in 2012. I was on a weekend girls’ trip to explore the city and Napa Valley wineries.

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