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I Don't Have Time

“I Don’t Have Time is the grown-up version of The Dog Ate My Homework” – Tony Robbins

love this quote – and not only because of the canine reference (or because I got to do a dog-eating-homework photoshoot with my Lab this weekend for today’s poster).

Now, I don’t usually quote the same inspirational person two weeks in a row. Last week’s quote was also a Tony Robbins favourite, (you can check it out here), but this one speaks to my heart. I’ve always tried to understand why people make so many excuses, and Tony Robbins does a great job explaining it!


You Don’t Have Time, You Make Time

I don’t have time…  how many times have you heard that as an excuse?  Now, of course your schedule can be full and you can not have time, but that’s because you made choices.  Perhaps you chose to work two jobs (as I have for most of my life), to take up a bunch of hobbies, to focus on your studies, or to spend time with friends, leaving you without time to finish (or start) those “urgent” tasks on your list.

Alternatively, perhaps you spend all your time working and don’t have time to attend fun events.


It’s not about the time; it’s about making a choice.


So, what have I learned about time and excuses through personal experience?

  • When people continually say they don’t have time to meet up with you, it means they aren’t making time
  • So often, I’ve heard “Oh, I wouldn’t have time for that”.  People who say this are making an excuse. Of course, you would. You’d have to sacrifice something else though, make it a priority, but you would have time if you wanted to have time. 
  • Time is such an accepted excuse.  Why do we accept this?  Well, Tony Robbins answers it better than I do!


On the Power of Excuses

So, why do people make excuses?  Actually, I wrote a whole post on committment and excuses you can check out here if you’d like.  The Cliff Notes version:

  • Excuses are easy.
  • Commitment is difficult.   However, it’s completely worth it.  Ask any successful person you know.
  •  We can justify anything.  You can excuse away whatever behaviour you like, if you are creative enough.
    • 1) Recognize when you are doing this.
    • 2) STOP.


The Why Guy: Tony Robbins’ TED TALK

Tony Robbins calls himself “The Why Guy”. He doesn’t run coaching sessions to motivate people – he can’t do that.  Instead, he helps people discover WHAT motivates them.  Actually, I think his main point here is powerful – human emotions drive us.  So, rather than simply understanding paths to success, we need to understand emotions. 

While Robbins gave this TED TALK way back in 2006, I believe it’s really relevant today, too. He explains that motivation comes down to being able to take care of two powerful parts of being happy:

  • Science of Achievement:  the rules, the models, and the behaviour that successful people follow
  •  Art of Fulfillment:  understanding what truly drive you, and makes you happy


Emotional Fitness: Appreciation and Contribution

Well, Tony Robbins believes that emotions are what drive us, what we need to understand to truly reach our goals.  Now, I won’t spoil the TED Talk for you (watch it!), but he has an interesting perspective on how to discover which emotional needs are most signifcant for you. Even though there are 6 needs everyone has, there are one or two emotional needs that are most relevant for you.

love the term emotional fitness, by the way.  Powerful.


Decisions Shape Destiny

Unfortunately, we live in a “therapy culture”. According to Robbins, this means that many people believe biography = destiny. Robbins believes that decisions shape destiny, instead.

Some believe that where you were, what you did, your past – is who you are. Well, that’s just not true. 

“Decision is the ultimate power.” 

I couldn’t have expressed that belief better myself.  We decide how we react to situations, how we express our emotions, and what we say and do not say (and whether or not that aligns with our feelings!). There’s so much great content in this twenty minute talk I can’t even write about it all in one post!

So, I’m definitely putting this talk in my upcoming ebook 25 TED Talks for your English class.  Please watch it and comment below on your thoughts – I love hearing from all of you 🙂


Have a lovely and productive Monday!




P.S.  Photo fans, yes, that is my Labrador, Kiara who is “eating homework” in today’s main photo. I took the photo this weekend!

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