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Motivational Monday - Failures

Do you ever feel that you keep failing and failing and are just not any closer to reaching you go? Well, I’m here to tell you that, with every failure, you are closer. Even if doesn’t feel like it.

Today’s quote is simply something I personally believe. It’s that “Failures are just my way of finding the life I want”. If you don’t fail, it means you haven’t explored enough, haven’t taken enough risk and (possibly) don’t yet have the life you really desire. If you do failure, it’s simply a step on your way to success.

Failure Is The Way

Failures are frustrating.  Aggravating. Downright de-motivating.  I get it.  

However, failures are the way to success. Few people I know have gotten where they wanted to be without failing at least once. I’ve experienced this myself several times on my quest to permanently live in Europe.  Originally, I wanted to stay in England (specifically London or close to it) forever, but after 45 job applications, 5 interviews, and a 6 month job, I could only find job offers with the condition that they kicked me out when my “youth worker” visa expired.  I took a deep breath, admitted defeat, and trudged on.

Another example is my PhD, which is a HUGE struggle sometimes. Learning to programming, grovelling through the works of Python to do a PhD in Applied Linguistics, a field I previously thought had little to do with computer programs, has left me exhausted and de-motivated. Have you ever felt that way?

You know what, though?  Every little failure is leading me closer to success. A spark of success, little by little, will eventually ignite a fire. So, look for the sparks after your failures. You’ll find them.


To Struggle or To Visualize?

Now, there is a difference between letting yourself fail, and failing to struggle.  As much as I believe in having a positive attitude and visualizing what you want, I believe we sometimes do need to struggle through a problem or a stage in our lives to get where we need to be.

Be okay with failure. Push yourself through the de-motivation and focus on the positive fact that you still have time to achieve the life you want.


On Hard Work (“The Hustle”)

As I read more and more about productivity and success on my journey to blogging full-time, the work hustle seems more and more trendy. Hustle  is simply the go-getting attitude that I believe you need to stay motivated and overcome your struggles.

As much as your visualize, I believe to really get what you want (or at least to hold on to it), you’re going to need to focus, breathe, and work harder than you’ve ever imagined (hustle!).

Do you have a story to share? I’d love to hear about your failures in the comments below.


Have a lovely and productive Monday!




P.S For the photography fans out there, I took the main photo for this post, a mermaid statue, last summer in Copenhagen, Denmark.


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