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“If you fall, fall, but don’t worry. Be like the sun, and rise stronger each morning” – Mario M.  (Click here to Tweet this!)

Isn’t it so hard to face failure?  Like staring into a brick wall and banging your head against it?

I completely understand that.

Today’s quote is one my personal trainer, Mario, wrote on his instagram timeline. (Actually, I translated it from Spanish. and have no idea if it has an original author, but I love it.) 

Here’s why I love today’s quote:

It goes perfectly with the Spanish attitude of not worrying, but it adds a spurt of ambition that I love.  You’re allowed to fail. You’re allowed to fall.  But keep going, without worry, and with conviction.

motivational mondays brick walls

Well, what about all those brick walls, you say?  I’ve had to deal with my fair share of obstacles, as I’m sure all of you have, too.  Those “naysayers” are annoying, aren’t they? The ones that tell you to accept the status quo, instead of change? I’ve had a lot of those this week.


Here’s what do to about the “naysayers”:

Forget them.  I know it sounds simple, and it’s not. Focus on your goal. Focus on your plan.  Surround yourself by people who are supportive, rather than reject your objectives. Now, of course you need to have realistic goals and learn to set goals that work.  Once you’ve done that, focus on the people who you feel are on your side, and you’re set.


When You Fall, Do This

So, when you fail, what should you do? Well, I’m glad you asked.

First, be sure you have a positive attitude, and be patient with yourself. If you put your mind to it, you will get there.  In this Forbes article, Caroline Beaton reminds us that our brain’s natural reaction to failing once is “Abandon Ship!”

No wonder failure is so hard on us!

Second, get up slowly. Yes, I’m all about fast-paced and efficient work, but sometimes, you need to slow down a little and think.  Is your timeline for achieving your goal realistic for you, personally? How much does the timeline matter? Sometimes, it may take one person three years to achieve a goal that takes others one year.

While benchmarks are useful, maybe it’s time to stop comparing too much.


Why It’s Okay (No, Great) To Fail

Well, how can failure be good?, you ask.  I know, it doesn’t sound promising! In reality, (well, in my opinion), failure is simply a part of finding the life I want. I have a whole post about my failures and finding what I want here.

Motivational Monday Failure

But let me assure you:

Failure will help you find your way in this world.  For example, I would have never known that a corporate marketing job wasn’t for me if I hadn’t tried it.  Or, that I could ignite my passions for writing and teaching by starting a blog and setting it on the path to a goal to make an income from it one day. Or even that living in Spain was something I’d like, after failing to find a job and employer that would let me stay in the UK.


Need help changing your mindset?  Think of one sentence that describes what failure is to you, and hang onto that thought. Of course, be sure it’s positive.  Actually, Amy Morin has 8 ideas to get you started.  My favourite is “Failure is a verb, not a noun”.


3 Ways To Keep Your Spirits Up

Well, that’s great, you say, but failing gets me down.  Of course it does. Remember our brain’s natural reaction to failure? Giving up. So, how can you keep your spirits up? Here are my 3 tips:

1.  Talk to Someone –   Be loud!  Tell your friends, your family, your pet – whoever is your supportive listening ear. If you don’t have one, find an online forum, a motivational Facebook group, or a Twitter chat. Record your progress and share it.


2.  Write Down Your Goals – Now, if you’ve been reading this blog any length of time, you know I’m a goal-setter! If you need help, please head to  my printables library   and download my free goal-setting template (one of the first printables I made for this blog!)


3.  Clear Your Mind –   Sometimes, we need time alone to clear our mind.  (I know, I know,  it’s a direct contradiction of tip #1!) For some people, this can be a yoga class, sitting quietly in a peaceful place (personally I love the ocean), or breathing deeply. While goals are important, shifting your focus away for a few minutes can help you relax, breathe, and get ready to dive back in.


So, I hope this short, but sweet Monday morning post was helpful.  What do you do when you fall down?  Share it with us in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you, and I promise to respond to every comment.

Have a lovely and productive Monday!




P.S. I took the photo for today’s post (and poster!) this weekend in Greenwich, London, UK.


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