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“If you feel lost, it is because your mind and heart are not in harmony. When they work together, you will find peace”.


So, have you ever felt really lost, like you’re not sure which direction to take for a project, an idea, or in life?  Well, trust me, I hear you! I’ve actually been reading a lot lately about what to do when you’re feeling lost.  Actually, I really like the idea that your mind and heart need to work together, don’t you?

Sometimes, I stare at my PhD project wondering how I got here, exactly. As much as I ​love​ learning about second language learning and how to teach it, when you’re looking at a huge data analysis file, it’s hard to see the end result.  How do you know what a “small bump” in the road is, versus a time to make a big change?  Today’s post is about exactly that!

On Finding Passion & Harmony

So, if you had asked me seven years ago where I’d be now, I definitely wouldn’t have had an answer!  For me, finding your passion often happens when you are at a loss.  Now, hold on, you say, that doesn’t make sense!  In my experience, it truly does.  When you are desperate to leave a corporate job that has you so stressed you can’t sleep, for example, or you’re itching to find a way to do something you’ve always wanted to do, with a little thought, the best ideas pop into your head.

Actually, the problem is not usually a lack of ideas. It’s a fear of action.  So, I think that’s a major problem in overcoming loss. However, I’ve save that discussion for next week’s post 😉  This week, I’ve got 6 ideas for you on how to deal with feeling lost.


6 Ways To Deal With Feeling Lost

Motivational Mondays - Willpower & Vision

1. Remember the Big Picture

So, you know that I love visualizing and goal setting.  In my opinion, it’s always important to do both – set clear goals, and imagine that they are already true.  So, when you’re feeling a bit stuck, don’t give up! Recognize it as a bump in the road. 

Is it more than a bump in the road? Read on to point #2!



2.  Remember Why You Started

Actually, I’d suggest closing your eyes and picturing the day you started the project you’re working on.  Channel the excitement that was there are the beginning and find that energy again. Whether you were a bit nervous, excited, or extremely happy, take that energy and imagine feeling it today.

Now, if you don’t feel it anymore – and can’t imagine feeling it again – maybe it’s time to make a change. Actually, that’s exactly what happened to me when I left the corporate world.  I couldn’t reignite the feeling I’d had when I first joined the first company I worked for. So, I decided to take the plunge and move my life in a different direction!


3.  Be Resourceful

Sometimes, feeling lost is simply a bump in the road. Don’t give up!!   If you need some motivational posters to help you get in the right mood, check out my free printables library where you can find one for every week that The Teaching Cove has been around!

Brainstorm a list of people who might be able to help you, or places you can look for help.


4.  Ask for Help. Act!

Next, ask for help.  Do not be afraid. Sometimes, people fear what others will think of them, and it makes them stop in their tracks, rather than acting.  Here’s to ACTION!

Remember, everyone has a weak point, and many strong points!  So, your weak point could simply be someone else’s strong point – and they may be able to help you get over the “I’m lost!” feeling, so you can continue on the path to your goals.



5.  FocusMotivational Monday - Accept No Excuses

Once you’ve got the most help you can find, focus. Be sure you don’t make excuses. Even if it’s a part of your project that seems like such a struggle, you can do it.

Making excuses and procrastinating only makes it worse.  Dive right in there!  Trust me, I feel like I have to coach myself of this one sometimes, too. To get that peaceful “harmony” between mind and heart, sometimes you have to struggle through the tough parts of your goal.





6.  Breathe & Take A Break

Well, this one is always difficult for me.  Take a break!  Breathe!  Remember that reaching the “peace and harmony” of the mind and the heart today’s quote speaks of is a process, not work that can be done in an instant.  If you’re feeling lost, take a break to do something you love.  In fact, exercise and sleep can make a wonderful difference in how you view your current situation.


Well, this week was definitely a brief post, but I hope it gave a few of you some ideas!

So, on that note, I think I’m off to work on my own doctoral project, where I myself feel slightly lost!

Have you ever felt lost in a certain part of your life? I’d love for you  to share your comments with me below!


Have a lovely and productive Monday!




P.S.  Photography lovers, today’s photo is one I took in Bordeaux, France in 2015.

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