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“Follow your heart – but take your brain with you!” – Unknown

So, today’s post is a brief story about what I think about following your dreams. If you know me, you know that I’m a dreamer!

In fact, my name actually mean dream, so I guess it was a fitting choice. While it has taken me quite some time to get on a path that I really believe I should be on, I’m working towards achieving my dreams every day.

Want to know 4 lies we tell ourselves about our dreams? 

Read on!:



3 Myths About Following Your Heart (and your dreams!)

First, I’d like to debunk some popular myths about what happens when you follow your heart or your dreams, and then I’ll give you a few of my personal tips for reaching your goals.


Myth #1: People Who Follow Their Dreams Have Their Head In The CloudsMotivational Monday Confidence

Well, if this were true, dreamers would not accomplish anything. If you have a plan, and the confidence to give it a whirl, any dream is achievable.  Have you read my post on confidence?

Actually, I truly believe that quote that confidence is a skill, which is the willingness to try.  Perhaps your idea is impractical, perhaps it needs fine-tuning, but you’ll never know until you try! Take action and try it out!







Myth #2: Following Your Dreams Is Too Time ConsumingI Don't Have Time

In reality, I could never be a _______ (insert dream profession here).

Who has time for that? Have you heard that, or heard yourself say that? Well, one of my favourite motivational quotes on my site so far is the one aboutnot having time. We all have 24 hours in a day – it’s about how we prioritize and use those hours!





Myth #3: Dreamers Have It All Figured Out

Okay, so this is the opposite of #1, but I think it’s the key point that stops people from going in the direction of their dreams.  They don’t see themselves as the “type of person” to do xyz.

Well, I’m “not an athlete”, or “not a writer”, “not a blogger”, they say. First of all, how would you know that if you didn’t try?  Second, who says you can’t change your personal image of yourself, or the way others see you (if that’s important to you)?

Try this instead:

Stop making excuses and get to work.  “I Don’t Have Time” is definitely the grown-up version of “the dog ate my homework”.

Make a plan, use Google Calendar to schedule in time  and get to work.  You’ll be surprised how quickly results show up when you are dedicated, focused, and follow your heart.  Also, I definitely recommend setting goals at least twice a year, to keep yourself on track.

When To Follow Your Heart (and when to take a break)

So, how can we sensibly follow our hearts? You know, while taking our brains with us?

Here are three key tips:

Tip #1:  Make A Plan:   If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you know I love organizing! Putting together a plan should help your dreams feel less overwhelming. Brainstorm with a friend who is open-minded and will listen to your ideas.



Tip #2: Take A Break (Don’t Burn out!) – Now, this one is one I’m guilty of, too!  Part of “taking your brain with you” is ensuring you get enough quality rest, no matter how excited you are to work towards your goal. Actually, getting enough sleep is an important part of being productive (that one took me years to admit, but I now regularly get 7 hours of sleep per night.



Tip #3 Manage Expectations  –  Look for role models doing what you want to do, and follow their steps. Remember, they were not always the top stars they are today. Be honest, and look for their entire story, so you manage your expectations. Many of my “Blogger Heroes”, as I like to call them, spent years getting their blog to where it is today. So, I keep reminding myself that I’m still in my 9th month 😉


As you can probably imagine, one of my recent and most ambitious dreams is to turn this blog into my full time gig.  While I feel like I may have almost burned out the last week or so of intense dedication to it, I’m so excited. Why? I’m excited for the progress I’ve made in a couple weeks of focusing 90% of my energy on only my blog and fitness plans. Basically, I’ve been between the gym, a few tutoring clients and my computer all day, every day. Also, I’m excited for the future that lies ahead!

Piece by piece, I’m getting there.

What are your dreams? How are you tracking your progress? I would absolutely love to hear them in the comments below!

Have a lovely and productive Monday!




P.S. Photo fans, the photo for today’s post (and poster!) is one I took last summer in Santa Margherita di Ligure in Italy.

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