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“A hero is an ordinary person who makes themselves extraordinary” – Gerard Way

“A hero is an ordinary person who has the perseverance to overcome difficult obstacles” – Christopher Reeve

Yes, that’s right – there are two quotes this week, as I just couldn’t choose which hero quote I loved best. You know Christopher Reeve, right? You know, from the Superman series way back in the 90s?  Well, it turns out he wrote a book after his tragic horseback riding accident that left him a paraplegic and likely shortened his life span. It’s only my reading list now!


What Is A Hero?

Remember when you were little and looked up to superheroes? You know, people or characters who seemed so special and were able to overcome obstacles in their lives.
 Motivational Monday 42 - Conformity Is The Enemy of Growth
Who were they?
Personally, I was never much into cartoons characters, so my heroes came from books. Strong female protagonists in novels who took on the world, and never felt the need to conform.  Like Anne of Green Gables, Charlotte Doyle, Elizabeth from the Sweet Valley series, Jane Austen’s characters, Judy Blume novels like Tiger Eyes (link) and so, so many books that had strong-headed protagonists that inspired me.
Lately, I have two types of heroes:
First are my Blogger Heroes, as I like to call them. All those inspirational people out there who run their blogs as full time businesses and are just killing the online business game. They turn their passions into their successful careers – and that’s incredible to me. I’m thinking of Abby Lawson, Melyssa Griffin, Michelle Schroeder-Gardner, Ramit Sethi and so many more people who started their blogs from scratch and grew them into enterprises.
Second are the inspirational leaders who have faced life-changing obstacles I could never imagine, like Turia Pitt and Melissa Moody. If you haven’t seen the documentary Happy, I definitely recommend it! I’ve used it as a film study for my classes the last two years at the university and wow, did they love it, too.


How To Find Your Role Models (Or Heroes)

So how can you find your own role models, if you don’t have them already?
First, I’d suggest making a giant brainstorm or vision board full of words (adjectives), quotes and thoughts that define the person you want to be.  Imagine yourself as that person,  and envision how you will feel when you reach that point in your life.
Sound lame? Trust me! It sounds a little wishy-washy when you say it out loud, but it works wonders.
Next, find people online that fit the description you made on your vision board.
Make a list of them, read their books, and attend any online webinars (or TED Talks) they have to discu2017nov-summit-registration-ad-carousel-hero1ss their success.  Slowly, develop a model and plan of how you can have the success that they have.
In fact, that’s one of my most successful strategies – modelling my role models or “heroes”.
For example:
Let me tell you that I’m super excited for the 2017 Teachable Course Creation Summit, which starts today. (You can sign up here to see 27 inspirational entrepreneurs talk about their success and how you can be successful, too). I went last year (and I’ll be there this year!) since it’s such a great learning opportunity.
A lot of them have taken their blogs and businesses in the direction I want to go – so I’ll be there, listening carefully! Join me?

3 Ways To Find Your Inner Hero

Some people say that we need to find our “inner hero”. I guess that’s like an inner voice, an internal driving force that can take us where we want to go and help us reach our goals.   5 Goal Setting Facts small

If you’re interested in doing a bit more reading, Psychology Today has a list of 4 tips, and Steven Aitchison has a list of 6, but…

Here are the top 3 that work for me:


1. Ignite Your Passion     

It almost seems like a cliche that to have a great career, you need to follow your dreams and follow your passion. However, it’s quite simply – true! How can we expect to feel thrilled to go to work every day if we’re not following our passions?


2.  Make a Solid Process – & Follow It!

Speaking of following, having a plan to follow definitely helps get our your “inner hero” – the one who knows how you can change your life, change the world, and make a difference in whatever field or capacity you want to.  Personally, I find taking steps one at a time is the best way to take on the challenge of being who you really want to be.


3.  Do Away With Fear

Getting over our own mindsets can sometimes be the most difficult obstacle! You know, those times when self-doubt creeps in and all you can feel is overwhelmed? Well, I love hearing how entrepreneurs get over that one; they are so many strategies!

In fact, one of the speakers (Melissa Pharr) will be talking about exactly that at the Free Online Teachable Summit this week! I’m definitely planning to catch that session. If you want to see which other ones I’m looking forward to, you can check out my FB Live Video here. or click the image below

Teachable Summit 2017 FB Live

Well I hope today’s little post on heroes is helpful! Who do you look up to? I’d love to know in the comments below!

Have a lovely and productive Monday!




P.S. Photography fans, the photo for today’s main image (and poster!) is one I took in  Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia last month.


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