Comment on How To Set Goals That Work (Every Time!) by Gina.

HI Sapna,
Happy New Year! Thank you so much for your materials and goal worksheets! At first I didn’t think I would need to use the worksheets but today I decided I would give it a try. Rather than trying to organize in my head how I want all the things in my life to go, maybe it would be helpful to put it down on paper. I’m going to write 3 separate Goal Worksheets. One for Career & Finance. One for Personal and one for Spiritual. Question- in the example you give above, is that a different worksheet? Also, what does Measurable mean? Is that where we put the reason why we want to set that particular goal?

Just a little background about myself. I’m a certified Art Teacher and have been teaching art part-time for the past 4 years K-8. So far, I’ve had no luck finding a full-time art teacher position that I actually want to do. Every job I’ve been offered does not appeal to me because it’s either teaching 500+ students and/or having to teach art from a cart with no classroom. So I’ve turned down a few jobs due to those reasons. To supplement my income, I started teaching ESL online part-time 8 months ago and have found it very gratifying. I lived in Europe for two years during college, spoke fluent French and have always enjoyed learning about different cultures, traveling and meeting new people. ESL connects with all of those things which is why I enjoy it. So now I am seeking an ESL position teaching in a school district and am planning to get fully certified starting this summer by taking the necessary courses. What’s motivating me also is that I am finding the need for ESL teachers is much greater than the need for Art Teachers and I have already been on a few interviews! Soon I will have to teach a demo lesson and since I haven’t yet had any official ESL training in a classroom setting, I’m a little nervous! Do you have any suggestions for a demo lesson teaching in a high school class? I’ve been looking at your lessons and I like the lesson with the Ted Talk about lying. I’m just not sure what Supervisors are looking for in a demo lesson and if it would be appropriate.

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