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“Nothing is impossible. The word itself says – “I’m possible'” – Audrey Hepburn

Don’t you love that quote? It’s usually credited to Audrey Hepburn, though I haven’t seen the source where she says it.  I love the idea, though, that anything is impossible.

You know that feeling, halfway through the semester when you’re just not sure if reaching all your goals will be possible? Especially when you see how others are performing and marvel at how they got there, while you try to juggle all your responsibilities?

When Everything Feels Like An Impossibility

Once you fail a few times, though, you get used to climbing your way back up. That makes every failure a teensy bit easier.


Now, don’t get me wrong- it’s work.
I had this conversation just last night with a close friend – some people, we figured, simply don’t want to do the work. This is a tough one for me to understand.
I know that it is difficult, but in my experience – a bunch of failing is what leads to success.
Let me give you a personal example:
Just this past weekend, I went to one of my group surf classes  (a new sport I’m trying). The weather and sea conditions were not the greatest, so they decided we’d do a training session.
Totally fine with me – cardio, strength, even balance – I can do that.
Oh, and skating, they said.
Skating? That’s the word they used in Spanish, and I was thinking- rollerskates with gear, maybe?
Skateboarding – they said, confirming when I used the correct word to ask.
Until Saturday, I had never stepped on a skateboard in my life. Without a helmet and kneepads, I did not feel comfortable, confident or safe. It wasn’t the balance, but the fact that cracking my skull open or breaking a limb would not have been worth trying something new.
Feeling Incompetent
I did feel really incompetent though – as three others in my exact situation seemed to manage just fine.
Also, I’m definitely the worst in class at surfing which can be so demotivating. 
Motivational Monday 30 - Intuition Quiet Mind
Until you take a breath, that is.
Breathe and remember each one of us is on his or her own progress journey.
Quiet the mind that says you should progress at the same pace as everyone else.
For instance:
Last Friday I took a private surf class since I had the day off. We discovered something important about my surfing flops – I need to be calmer. As much as surfing seems like a super fast sport, it’s really about patiently waiting for the wave and then calmly following all the steps to get on the board, and riding out the wave.
Once I managed to be calmer, I actually caught 4 or 5 waves.  The surf instructor coached me through visualizing myself calmly riding a wave; it was even his idea, not mine!
Of course, the example I normally give about failure is my personal training journey, but I’m sure you loyal readers are tired of that example. You can read about if you like!

If you missed last week’s post on what to do when you feel like a failure, be sure to check it out.



3 Ways To Make the “Impossible” Possible

Okay, here are my top three tips:

1. Visualize (& Believe It)

I know it seems silly to simply say believing an impossibility is a possibility will work.  While it may not be the only part you need, I do believe it’s important.

When I really focused on visualizing myself riding the wave on Friday, the fear disappeared. It was incredible – for a few seconds, it really disappeared.


2. Find A Role Model

Feeling stuck? Find someone who really turned your impossibility into a possibility.  Look everywhere you possible can – teachers, coaches, motivational speakers, bloggers, friends of friends.  Someone has done what you don’t believe you can.

Find them and let them (or their story) pull you through. That way, you can visualize clearly.


3. Go For It!

That’s right – just go for it!Do Anything Overwhelm

Sometimes you have to take a risk and try. Whether it’s a huge leap or a small jump, any change we make can be scary. It’s worth it, though. I really believe that we should at least give new or potential opportunities a try, don’t you?


One small caveat here – remember that you can do anything, but not everything. At least not at the same time! Setting priorities is just as important as believing your goals are possible, in my view.






How To Find Possibilities Through Meaning

I know this part is slightly off-topic, but I saw a great TED Talk by Emily Esfahani Smith this morning that I really want to share with all of you. It’s about the difference between happiness and meaning in our lives, and how to be fulfilled.

However, I really think she’s talking about what to do when happiness feels like an impossibility. You know, that feeling of just not quite being fulfilled yet?  Chasing the dream job, dream relationship, dream apartment – and not feeling fulfilled.

You can check out how she defines the difference between being happy and having meaning and her thoughts of the impossibility of feeling fulfilled through chasing “happiness” by hitting play:


What are your thoughts on the impossible? How can you turn an impossibility into something that is really feasible? I’ve love to hear from you in the comments below 🙂


Have a lovely and productive week!


P.S. Photography lovers, the photo for today’s post (and poster!) is one I took on a trip to Keswick and Whitehaven, UK in 2013.

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