Comment on Motivational Monday: When I Let Go, I Become What I Might Be by Sourav.

What happened to my past was my making right. What is happening to me because of my past is my making too. How can I not be me at any point of time?As I am making my self each and every moment. I do the mistakes,feel bad about it then I try to find something positive (theres no mistake, theres only learning) out of it whereas I took that as something negative at the first place. Its my making. Isnt it so? I decide to be what I am now because of my past. And there is always a past. So I can never might be if I dont stop being me. How can I stop being me? If I am stopping myself, thats me again right? I am what I do right? Now I stop doing something because of something that happened in the past or some understanding of the present which is also dependent on my past experiences. If I dont decide that is also my decission. That is also my making out of the status quo. So Yes ofcourse I can become what I choose to be and I choose bcoz of something happened to me earlier all the time. So I think Its only his grace which can make us let go of who we are and become who we might, we bloom. When? We dont know thats when. When? When he wills then – this is truly letting go in every way possible for us. Thats what I think.

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