The Mind is Everything...

“The mind is everything. What you think, you become”.  I truly believe in these words. While I’m not one to usually quote religious icons, I will say Buddha’s a bit of an exception.  Every time I hear stories of people who seem to achieve the impossible, this quote comes to mind. In particular, two stories come to mind:

Turia Pitt

Do you know who Turia is? I find her story absolutely incredible. A former model and incredible athlete, Turia faced an unthinkable tragedy a few years ago. When she participated in an extreme running event in Australia, she got caught in a bushfire. 65% of her body was burned and the doctors told her she would never walk again. Determined to prove them wrong, she got to work learning to live with her new life.

If her name rings a bell, it may be because she was in the news recently – for completing her first even Ironman! She details the special equipment she had made for her, the special suit she needed to wear because of her body’s inability to regulate temperature properly on her blog. Turia is now a motivational speaker. You can check out Turia’s blog here.

Melissa Moody

Melissa Moody, also a former model, has an equally tragic story. It started when she was completely run over by a truck. Her journey is documented as part of the movie Happy, a movie I definitely recommend seeing. She spent years in a hospital bed, went through a divorce, and still managed to stay strong and find the courage to heal. She, too, is a motivational speaker and director of a self-healing school. You can read Melissa’s story here.


For those of you who love photography as much as I do, the photo for this week’s poster was taken in Cinque Terre, Italy in July of 2016. I caught the girl just as she jumped into the water. To me, it seems as if she is flying! I’ll admit that I had to take a lot of shots to get this one, but it was worth it. Luckily, there were a lot of people jumping into the sea again and again that afternoon, so I could wait for the perfect shot.

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What do you think about this week’s quote? How powerful is the mind and the attitude we choose? I’d love to hear your comments below.

Happy Monday!


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