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The Things No One Can Imagine

“Sometimes it is the people no one imagines anything of that do the things no one can imagine”Alan Turing

Ever feel a little daunted when you read the latest blog posts and stories in your newsfeed about super successful people?

Ever feel less than a “superstar” when trying to follow in their footsteps?

I know how you feel.

“…Do things no one can imagine”.  

Turing’s words are a source of inspiration for me as I work towards my goals. Even though I can push myself to limits, dedicate myself to a goal and push hard until I reach it, sometimes there’s a sliver of doubt.  Sometimes, dreams seem just a little too crazy.  Sure, you’ll face doubters, people around you that are a bit skeptical, but there’s something worse.

You’ll face your own self whispering that you’re too old, too green, too young, too late, too slow, too unqualified, too tired, too busy.

Too something.

It’s not true, I promise!  You can do it, just like they can. I’ll give you a very recent personal example. I’ve been researching how to set up a blog and gain an audience since the first week in July. Webinars, courses, ebooks, two week list building seminars, blog conferences –  I used them all to soak up inspiration. Simultaneously, I was  amazed, awed, inspired and a little daunted (and still am!)

You know what, though? Every time I take a small step following their advice, I see tiny bits of progress that keep my hope of professional blogging alive. One example is my email list. Sometimes I can’t believe how many of you are here reading this, and excited about my weekly posters already! Thank you so much!Building A Framework Course

Nobody believed in Turing and without him, the modern computer would not exist (and you all wouldn’t be here reading my blog 😉 )

By the way, if you’re thinking of starting your own blog, I definitely couldn’t have made mine without Abby Lawson’s Building A Framework e-book. I truly recommend her book. The private Facebook group you’ll be added to is invaluable as you’ll see regular people start from scratch, help each other out, and grow their blogs. It is so motivating to have such a great support system when you’re working towards a goal and that sliver of doubt creeps in. You can grab your copy here.

Alan Turing’s Story

Alan’s Turing (1912-1954) was an English computer mathematician, scientist, inventor and socially awkward genius. He was a homosexual and people discriminated against him. At that time in English history, homosexuality was illegal and Alan was forced to make many sacrifices to live in his society. His ideas and his  “Turing Machine”, a very early computer, led to great discoveries in the field of math. Now, I’m not going to pretend that I understand his theories or their significance, but I’d recommend watching the movie based on his life, The Imitation Game.

The Imitation Game

If you haven’t seen The Imitation Game yet, I highly recommend it. Benedich Cumberbach is an incredible actor. Actually, I saw him in person in London in  Hamlet (brilliant!). You may know him from and his performance in BBC’s Sherlock, which is TV drama at its best. You can grab a copy of the movie for a really great deal on Amazon. Maybe you’re thinking I’ll download it for free, but for all the effort that goes into doing that properly and having a high-res viewing experience, lately I’ve been switching to purchased downloads.

Fake It Until You…BECOME It

Have you heard of imposter syndrome? When you are developing your skills and you feel like such a fake? Trust me, I get it. You have to believe in yourself, though. Hold on to those positive thoughts.

How, you ask?

Amy Cuddy’s TED TALK is the perfect answer to this problem. She says, “Don’t just fake it until you make it…Fake It Until You Become It!”. The first time I saw her talk I was blown away by her story. Severely injured in a tragic car accident as a young university student, Amy suffered brain damage. Doctors told her she’d never have the same intellectual capacity or be able to follow her Ivy League dreams. Although this came as a tough blow – being smart, a genius even, was how she defined herself – Amy did what no one could imagine. It may have taken her double the time that it did for her peers, who she previously outperformed, but she finished her degree and went to grad school.

 She stayed motivated and beat the odds. Now, she’s is a professor at Ivy League schools. Amy’s TED TALK is 21 minutes of your time that are definitely worth spending.

Do what no one can imagine.  Trust that you, too, can do it.

Have a productive and wonderful Monday!


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