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“You can do anything, but not everything” – Unknown 

Isn’t that so true? Simple, but true, I say! Do you find yourself caught up in trying to get everything done, or reaching the point where there is so much to do that you end up getting nothing done instead?

I hear you!

As productive as I usually am, there are times when everything just seems to pile up to the point where it’s difficult to figure out what your priorities are. In fact, this weekend was a perfect example of having so much to do that it all ended up in me being less productive than ever.

So, I’m writing today’s short post to help you overcome the overwhelm. 

What To Do If You’re Overcome with Overwhelm

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you know I love to organize.  If you missed my post on how I use Google Calendar without being overwhelmed, that has some tips to get you started!

There are a lot of different methods to overcome overwhelm, but I’ll share my personal experience first.

Here are my top three ways:

  • Getting Organized
  • Clearing your mind.
  • Reaching out to your support network

Seems simple, right?  It’s often not!  Want to hear the details? Read on…

How to Use Google Calendar

How Getting Organized Can Help Stop Overwhelm

I’m a huge fan of organizing, and one of the main reasons is that it stops overwhelm. 

Wait, you say.  How can it stop the overwhelming feeling of having too much to do, if I’m doing more to organize? Quite simple, a fresher, cleaner space often makes you feel energized to work.

In fact, I just read an article by Ralph Ryback, MD on the Psychology of Cleanliness. Apparently, organizing helps you feel better about yourself, and approach your tasks more positively.

Start small. A closet, a drawer, a desk – each step will make you feel a bit more refreshed when it’s done. However, be careful! Don’t spend so much time organizing that you don’t start working on the tasks in front of you.


Remembering Exercise and Sleep

To clear my mind, I exercise a lot.  It’s also to meet my fitness goals, of course, but I love the clear-headed feeling of finishing a run, or walking out of an intense weight training or circuits session. I’ve added monthly sessions with my masseuse to the mix to help my muscles relax, too.

Actually, my problem has always been the “sleep” part, though I’ve been doing my best to change this in 2017. Sometimes it’s so hard to get those 7 or 8 hours in, right?  My Garmin Vivosport is definitely helping though. I love that it tracks my quality of sleep as well as all my workouts and continually reminds me if I’m too stressed   (You can get yours on Amazon here, and it’s even on sale for Cyber Monday!).


3 Ways To Force Yourself To Take a Break

Now, I know it may seem like taking a break is easy, but sometimes that wonderful Google Calendar of yours gets so full, it’s hard to control the number of items on your to-do list, am I right?I Don't Have Time

Whether you love your job and just can’t stop working, or you’re in complete panic mode because you’re stressed about that job you’re not the world’s biggest fan of, it’s time to take a break.

Yes, I know all the excuses for not taking a break. I’ve been there!  In fact, just yesterday I had to force myself to laze in front of the television for a day

1.   Set A Time Limit (for Work or Sleep!)

This is definitely my most challenging one!  How good are you at setting time limits for your work time, or setting a “bedtime” for yourself? It’s really tough to tear myself away from work I love to get some rest, but not having time is not an excuse, I know!

2.   Find An Accountability “Break” Buddy

Well, accountability buddies are supposed to help you work, right?  You’re supposed to tell them what you’ll get done and when.  While that’s true, I’ve recently found a new use for one: to tell you to take a break!

3.   Find A Support Network

Let me tell you, I couldn’t handle quite the amount of stress I do without my support network.  A support network is simple friends, family, or anyone you have who will listen to you.   Note that I said listen, not judge. Also, it helps if your accountability buddies are in your support network, too, because they can help you monitor your working time vs rest time.  Hopefully, that’ll help with those surge of “overwhelmed” feeling we all get once in a while.

I hope today’s short but sweet post kickstarts your week. Have you tried any of the suggestions above? What works best for you to avoid overwhelm?  Let me know in the comments below – I love hearing from all of you!

Have a lovely and productive Monday!


P.S. The photo for today’s post (and poster!) is one I took right here in Barcelona, at the  Gaudi La Pedrera night tour 

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