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Motivational Monday Procrastination

Do you ever feel that procrastination gets the best of you?  While I can’t seem to find its  original author, I love the quote “The work you do when you procrastinate is probably the work you should do for the rest of your life”. 

Why Do People Procrastinate?

Everyone does it. Procrastination is a phenomenon that creeps into everyone’s lives. Recently, I realized that I only really procrastinate on items in my to-do list that I am dreading.

Does this happen to you?  I’m perfectly happy to plunder away at my schedule, even through the difficult items like a new strength training schedule and diet my trainer has implemented for me. Of course, I definitely get through the fun items, like blog posts and e-book chapters and lesson plans.  However, programming tasks for my PhD? Well, those get left to the very last minute, every single time. 

Instead of working away at programming and PhD data analysis, I’m working on my blog.

Don’t get me wrong. All the tasks get DONE.  Just at the very last minute…


Jeff Bezos on Dreams

So, I recently watched Jeff Bezos’, TED TALK, which was really a speech he gave to Princeton University’s graduating class.  Now, I do think he could have used a bit more variation in is tone of voice to make his speech engaging. However, his message and his obvious success speak volumes. (He’s the founder of Amazon, by the way).

Here’s what an ex-boss he respected told him, 16 years ago, when he told him his idea to create a huge online bookstore:

“That’s a really great idea. In fact, it’d be an EVER BETTER idea for someone without a really good job”

Good thing Jeff didn’t listen and carried out his dream!  You can watch the whole speech here:

Maybe, when we procrastinate, it means we’re not doing what we’re really meant to. I’m divided on that view. What do you think?

Why do you procrastinate? Does your work still get done by the deadline, or shoved to the side? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

Have a lovely and productive Monday!




P.S.  I took the photo for today’s post in Montreal, Quebec in 2011

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