Comment on Motivational Monday: The Essence of Strategy Is Choosing What Not To Do by Teresa.

After 10 years of trying very different paths and learning what I don’t want to do by choosing that very thing in the first place, I can def tell that it is true: The Essence of Strategy Is, indeed, Choosing What Not To Do.

As a matter of fact, I’m at a point in life where I don’t know what’s ahead. But one thing is certain: I know what I don’t want. Anytime I have to make a big decision, I first choose what I don’t want to do. And it always leads in the right direction.

Thanks for your wise words Sapna.

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How To Teach Vocabulary For ESL Kids – A Fun Game [Lesson Plan]
Awesome, I’ll make sure to check Facebook groups in order to find those tips, great idea, THANKS!

By the way, visiting Barcelona these days, on the outlook for those amazing views you always have in the background of your posters 😉

How To Teach Vocabulary For ESL Kids – A Fun Game [Lesson Plan]
Hi Sapna,

thanks for the info. Lots of good tips in here. I especially liked the vocabulary game.

So when you go about reading (the “read! read! read!” portion), I understand you are suggesting us, language instructors, to read and study more about the art of teaching a second language. Is that it?

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