Comment on Motivational Monday: The Greatest Weapon Against Stress is Our Thoughts by Sean.

My thoughts….:
1) Exercise is great. At a certain point, though, exercise can become a stressor in itself. Struggling to fit in all of your training in a week, the schedule juggling, the rushing to and from? That’s stressFULL, not stress busting.

2) FYI – meditation is a long term commitment, and isn’t something you would evaluate after a few sessions. You can have what feels like a miserable meditation session (being distracted all the time) and still be successful. Why? Because you continually catch yourself and bring your attention back. That is the meditation. Don’t tell yourself the story that you can’t do it because you’re a high energy person.

3) I disagree that intense yoga can’t be relaxing. You are burning off a lot of energy and capitalize on the meditative aspect once you learn how to manage the small breaks and work with your mind in a more constructive and mindful way. The entire session can be meditative.

Perhaps you’re telling yourself a story about what stress is, and what you can and can’t do. For example, walking out of a 90 minute yin class. If you’re deep in a posture, it can be pretty damn tough not to let your mind race away. Managing that is tough. It has its own intensity that you can learn to appreciate if you shift your perspective. I feel like you may be telling yourself that it’s lazy unmotivating yoga. That’s not to say that you’re obligated to love it. Just check your expectations.

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