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Thanks for your feedback – I’ll take that into consideration. I’ll be posting more video-based content in blog posts in the near future. Thanks for reading!

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Motivational Monday: The Greatest Weapon Against Stress is Our Thoughts
Thanks for your thoughts, Sean! Here are my answers:

1) Actually, I don’t find that I “struggle” to schedule in workouts at all or rush to them. I love working out.If I’m exhausted and have to miss a cardio or strength session in my calendar, I simply do that and am honest about it. Both my trainers and I are okay with that flexibility, and reporting it to them keeps me accountable.

2) Yes, I understand meditation would be a long term commitment and I think it’d be a challenge, but I love challenges. So, I will add it to my goals list!

3) No, I don’t think relaxing yoga is lazy at all; it’s simply a flexibility and balance exercise (instead of strength, cardio or endurance), which I’d like to get better at. I wasn’t relaxed a single time in 5 years of doing 90 mins of Bikram every Sunday. I’m going to swap one of my optional workouts out for a slower yoga to see what effect that has on stress.

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You’re welcome! Thanks so much for reading my blog – watch for many more updates and posts, and a whole store of resources coming in Fall 2019, right after I finish my PhD! πŸ™‚

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Good question! I found them online, so I’m not sure. I’ve also seen them in several short stories readers I got from the library (in the past)- but if you have more information on copyright, please let me know!

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I agree with you! It’s so great when students feel engaged and are learning using unique resources πŸ™‚

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That’s so great!! I hope it’s going well for you πŸ™‚

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