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15 Perfect Holiday Gifts for Teachers

Need holiday gifts for the teachers on your list? I’m willing to bet that even if you’re not a teacher yourself, you have teachers on your list. What can you give to those super organized teachers that they don’t already have? How can you find fun, beautiful and quality gifts for that teacher in your family? Well luckily, I’ve spent some time compiling a list of 15 perfect gifts so you can save your time to shop! It’s a combo of cute, fun gifts and organizational must-haves.

By the way, some of these gifts are so awesome that you may want to give yourself a little reward for working hard all term 😉 Or maybe even put them on your own Christmas or holiday shopping list!

15 Perfect Gifts for Teachers

1. Colouring Books for Teachers

I’m sure you know that colouring books for adults are all the rage right now.  Well, teachers have their own collection of  colouring books that will make that teacher in your family laugh out loud!  How Teachers Swear and  Teacher Life are two of the funniest colouring books you’ll see. The patterns are detailed and the pages so snarky they’ll definitely make you crack a smile, even if you aren’t a teacher!

Teacher Life Colouring Book









2. Zentangle: Relax and Draw  Zentangle Colouring Book

On the more serious side of the colouring for adults trend, Zentangle will allow teachers to focus on fine art skills and relax by colouring in small pieces of the puzzle. Let your favourite teacher have some zen-time with this relaxing and fun puzzle book! Click the photo or the link above to grab your copy.




3. Bloom Beautiful Lesson Planning Book 

Teachers love to plan! While the world is digital in almost every aspect now, paper planners are making a comeback! Enjoy scheduling every week of 2017 into this beautiful little book. What better gift than one that’s simple, beautiful and speaks to the love of organization teachers have?





4. Keep Calm Mugs 

So, mugs are a bit of a generic teacher gift, I know. However, I just couldn’t resist these two Keep Calm mugs, though! By the way, did you know that the Keep Calm and Carry On slogan is actually from the Second World War to calm the British public down? Now, it’s a little overdone, maybe, but I do really find these cute!  Recently, I read on another blog that teachers prefer not to receive coffee mugs as gifts, as they accumulate over the years and they don’t have the cupboard space at home! Well, I think these are so cute, they call for a little rule-breaking! Maybe this will be the cup on your teacher’s desk 😉






5. Nespresso & Aeroccino Bundle

Trust me, this gift will make a teacher super happy!  I was ecstatic when I receive a Nespresso Inissia as a gift last holiday season. Wow, are these ever special little machines. They’re easy to use, have a two year full warranty and are really beautiful.  The coffee is divine. Also, the capsules are recyclable at most Nespresso locations.  How great is that?!

I could spend a whole blog post raving about my Nespresso machine. The flavours are exquisite – from a whole range of lighter to stronger coffee, to caramel, vanilla, chocolate, and the most amazing seasonal flavours. For example, last year they had vanilla cardamom, which was only around for the holiday season. This year’s holiday collection is inspired by chocolate from Austria.

Nespresso Capsules

Here are some of the specifality capsules that are in their regular line-up – Chocolate, Caramel and Vanilla.

Seriously! How amazing is Nespresso!

Aeroccino is their electric frother which does an amazing job. I’m a picky cappuccino drinker, too! This bundle from Amazon is an excellent deal, so grab one of these for that teacher and/or coffee lover on your list!


6. Mindreader Mini Fridge & Coffee Station Set

How amazing would your break room be with one of these? Know teachers at a small tutoring business, teachers with a home office or coffee enthusiasts? Well, the Mindreader Mini Fridge & Coffee Station gift is the ultimate in fun, organized coffee love. In fact, not only does it hold lids, sugars, stir sticks, but it has organized drawers for your coffee capsules and other accessories.  Oh, and a fridge to keep your milk cold, too 😉



7. Portable Laptop Desk

How cool is this?! How many times have you been sitting in your bed, working on your laptop and unable to balance everything you need to hold? This Laptop Bed table from Sofia and Sam fixes that problem instantly!  It even has a holder for your tablet and phone.

Don’t want to work in bed? This desk is great for times when you need a portable office, too.  A memory foam wristpad means you can comfortably type at a desk away from your desk!


8. Beautiful Natural Wood Adjustable Desk Organizer Shelf 

This desktop shelf is the ultimate organizational gift. Not only does it sit on top of your teacher’s desk, but it can be used in multiple configurations!  Each piece can be taken apart to configure the pieces in a custom way.  Check out the different configurations here. Who wouldn’t want this beautiful desktop shelf?




9. Books!

Okay, this one’s a given. Every teacher loves books!  Click on the photos above to have a look at these teacher goodies. Actually, the last one on the list isn’t a teacher’s guide, but it’s a heartfelt memoir that is the perfect holiday read.

10. Kindle

For those tech-savvy teachers on your list, a Kindle Paperwhite is the best gift. I LOVE mine. I’ve actually had mine since Christmas 2011 and it still works perfectly, has long battery life (almost a week!). Actually it’s one of my favourite tools for tutoring, too.  As some of you know, I travel a lot. I’m currently in Holland on a research stay for my PhD. I definitely couldn’t have done all the online tutoring I’ve been doing here without my trusty Kindle!

By the way, I definitely advise getting the Paperwhite touchscreen Kindle over a tablet such as the Fire. Why? It’s much, much easier on your eyes. Actually, once you buy a thick flip cover like this one, it almost feels as if you’re holding a physical book! I bought my cover five years ago, too, and it’s in perfect condition (and that’s coming from someone who is generally pretty hard on her stuff 😉


11. Asus Transformer Pad Tablet


I could also rave about my ASUS tablet for hours.  Wow, do I ever love this brand. It’s like the PC version of a Macbook – beautiful, sleek and a top performer. I bought my  ASUS Transformer Pad in the summer of 2012, and it still works like a charm. The only problem I’ve ever had with it is that, after three years, the battery life isn’t as great as it used to be. That’s true for almost every electronics device, though! The Transformer Pad has two batteries – one in the detachable keyboard, and one in the tablet.  If you know a teacher who needs the perfect tablet for the classroom, or for private tutoring sessions, this is the gift for them!




12. Carbonite

Carbonite is my favourite backup software EVER. I’ve convinced a few family members to sign up for it, too (and that was before I even had an affiliate link for them).  Sure, you could backup to Dropbox or Google, but do they have unlimited space?! Nope!  Now, the catch is, of course, you can only back up one computer’s worth (or two computer’s, if you buy their higher package).  It’s only $5 a month!!!

Why is Carbonite so great? Well, they backup your entire computer (whichever drives you want) to a secure server. You can remote access your files anytime you want  on the internet or your mobile app (perfect for when you need to grab a file but don’t have your laptop handy).  Everything on your computer that is backed up will have a tiny green dot next to it. If it’s orange, Carbonite is in the process of backing it up.

You don’t even have to tell it to backup – it just does! (when you are connected to the internet, of course). Carbonite has saved my files from computer crashes twice, so I’ll be writing up a review for them soon.

Get that teacher in your life their first year of this incredible software here. 

13. Teachers Pay Teachers Membership

Teachers Pay Teachers

Know any teachers who need an extra bit of cash? Who doesn’t, right? Teachers Pay Teachers is a website designed for teachers to sell their lesson plans to other teachers. Your teachers are making them anyway, right? So, let them show off their entrepreneurial side and give them a premium membership for $60. They’ll make 85% of the product sale price!



14. T-shirts Like This OneCorrecting Your Grammar T-shirt

“I’m silently correcting your grammar”.   We all know teachers who do that (myself included!) This fun t-shirt is the perfect gift to make any teacher laugh!  Want something a little more personalized?

Head over to Zazzle and get creative! You can design your own, personalized just-about-anything! They even have iPhone 7 cases that you can personalize.



15. Notebooks

Trust me, teachers love notebooks.  Even the tech-savvy ones. I have everything digital you could possibly imagine to keep myself organized, but I do enjoy writing with beautiful pens in beautiful notebooks.

I recently discoverd Nikki Strange while shopping in Amsterdam. Her notebooks and sketchbooks are so beautiful you are just drawn to them (no pun intended!). Moleskine, of course, is a go-to classic. Just click on the photos to the right to grab these beautiful gifts for your teachers and creative friends and family!
Moleskine Classic Underwater BlueNikki Strange Notebook








Teacher Peach

Okay, so there’s a bonus one here, for all of you who love extras!  Have you heard of Teacher Peach? They sell unique gifts for teachers, including a subscription to supplies; a gift that keeps on giving. What a neat idea for that teacher in your family! They range in prices and content, but all seem like so much fun to give! They also have tote bags, fun school supplies, and a pre-Black Friday sale! Just click here or the banner below to check them out:

A Note from the Teacher

Use any of these items? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Why not grab free shipping from Amazon or send free shipping to a friend? All you have to do is click the Amazon icons I’ve put at the end of the post so you can ship your holiday gifts for free!

Happy Holiday Shopping! (and happy teaching, too 😉 )


P.S. For those of you who love photography as much as I do (and are curious), I took the photo for the main image in the post in January 2011 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It was part of my Winter Photoshoot in is the Mill Creek Ravine behind the house where I used to live!

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