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So, as a teacher, you do a lot of shopping, right?  Isn’t it hard to find the best deals and be sure you have what you need, without going over-budget? To have an awesome teacher supply kit, and wardrobe without breaking the bank?

Listen up:

I hear you! Today’s short, but sweet post is simply about that – great teacher deals. Well, I’ve put together a few categories of deals, and a product or two under each you can check out.

Not into spending money at the moment?


I’ve got a few free teacher deals and trials in there, as well!

(Full Disclosure:  Yes, some of these links are affiliate links. That means, if you decide to purchase something, at no additional cost to you, I’ll receive a small commission to maintain this site. That way, I can keep the monthly free resources on this site, free!)

10 Teacher Deals for Your Next Shopping Trip


School Supplies

 1. Mead Notebooks & Supplies

So, you know the company Mead, right?  They have those awesome notebooks and school supplies teachers dream about.

Guess what?:

Get up to 60% off Clearance with code: AFFCLEAR. Valid 10/1-10/31.

Until the end of November (2017), they have 60% off clearance items.  You can head to their site using my link, and punch in the code AFFCLEAR to get your discount.  They also have a teacher appreciation sale on until the end of October, so go ahead and use coupon code TEACHER62017 to  grab your discount here.

 2.  Amazon Back To School

Well, I’ll fully admit that I do most of my shopping on Amazon!  Well, they have all sorts of cool back to school bundles right here.

Doesn’t this one look pretty cool? It’s nice to have everything you need in one little pack.

Oh, and though it’s not exactly a school supply, in case you’re a teacherpreneur or tutor like me, I have to mention Freshbooks. It’s FREE accounting software that I absolutely love!  Well, free to have 3 clients you can manage (and archive if necessary). Actually, I used their paid version back in Canada and I thought it was worth every cent.  Click here to start (it’s FREE!)


Teacher Clothes

Well, I admit that #3 is for the women reading this (I know just over half of you lovely readers are male!), but #4 is for both genders of course.

 3.  Dresses With Pockets

So, I can’t take credit for this idea or “teacher deal” as I’d like to call it.  Unfortunately, I can’t find the name of the teacher in one of my teacher support Facebook groups who mentioned it! These dresses on Amazon have pockets! Imagine how helpful it would be to look great in a dress, and also be able to carry around pencils and random items (like dice for  speaking games) as you walk around the classroom.

Click here to check out all the different styles.  If you’re in the UK or Europe, order from this site instead. (So, I couldn’t find the exact same dress available over here in Europe, but I’ll be ordering this one in olive green).


 4.  Halloween (& Other Fun) Costumes

Now, we’re about a month away from this wonderful holiday, but who says costumes don’t sell early? Check out this great selection of Halloween costumes on Amazon, especially these great “You can’t Scare Me” t-shirts. 

The English teacher version is on the right, but they have other types of teacher ones too!


Teacher Shoes

Now, anyone who’s worked in a classroom on their feet all day, or as a tutor rushing from one student’s house to the next, knows that shoes are important! Usually, teachers end up ditching the heels for comfortable, but stylish, flats.



5  TomsI LOVE Tom's One for One donation policy

You’ve heard of Toms, right?  They are one of my favourite brands, as they sell comfortable, reasonably priced shoes and donate another pair to charity, for every pair you buy. Isn’t that wonderful?  These shoes are not just for women!

You can grab 10% Off for Students and Teachers at!

You can use the coupon code FALLMARKETPLACE, too.



6.  Puma Flats

If you’ve met me, you know I LOVE my Puma flats. They are super comfortable, last forever and come in a variety of styles and colours. In fact, the only time I’ve had to replace them recently was when my dog ate them (a few years ago!). Click the link below to use the promo code until October 10, 2017 and grab your discount!

Take an Extra 20% Off PUMA’s Sale Section with Code FALLFOR20 10/5-10/9



Educational Development

7.  High Quality Free Courses

So, this is one of my favourite sections of this post!  Free courses are great, aren’t they? Here are a few of my favourite sites for free online courses you can start today 🙂

  • Coursera   Free courses from famous universities and professors? Why wouldn’t you check this out? Now, you do have to pay if you want a certificate of completion, but the course content itself is free!



  • EdX  Similar to Coursera, EdX is another free course website. Check out their range of courses on anything you like to do. They even have courses you could tell your students about, like ones on the TOEFL!


Until November 1st, 2017, they are giving you 5% off course certificates, too, if you use the link below:
To celebrate our 5th birthday, save 5% on a verified certificate from any course at edX!


  • Udemy  – Now, Udemy is not free (at least not the courses I’ve seen), but wow do they have great deals. In fact, one of my friends found a running technique course for $10! Click here to check out Udemy.







Motivational Monday 39 Patience


  • Datacamp –   The easy to follow online free courses (and one paid one) save my data analysis for my PhD as I learned some great Python Programming skills. Now, if you’ve read some of my Motivational Monday posts, you’ll know that it took me a lot of patience to get through learning how to program.  Well, I couldn’t have done it without a wonderful, generous, friend of mine, and Datacamp’s explanations.




Now, a little disclaimer:

For numbers 8, 9 and 10 on this list, these are deals I’ve been meaning to check out, but haven’t yet.   However, I thought I’d include them in this list in case you found this useful!  That being said, I love hearing from you, so drop me a line in the comments below to let me know if you have experiences with the services below.

8. Editing Services

How To Teach Resume Writing

Now, I’ve just learned about these two services (I’m all for being totally honest with you, lovely readers!), but they look like great services. If you check them out, let me know in the comments, okay?

  • My Perfect Resume –  A resume  (curriculum vitae) editing service that lets you build a resume for free using their templates (but charges about $5 to download the file).  While I haven’t personally used this, I have heard that you need to remember to cancel your subscription after you pay for the resume, otherwise it auto-renews. If you want my tips for building resumes,  check out this blog post.




  • Prompt –     This is an essay editing service that gets a college application (or other) type of essay back to your students in an hour.  Again, I haven’t tried this one, but I thought I’d let you know it’s available. Perhaps a future post  of mine will compare a few of these services!   They also have a free trial, so it may be worth checking out!


9. Language Learning Software

So, once again, I’m overwhelmed by the options out there to learn languages online! It’s fascinating, isn’t it? While I do plan to do a language software review in the future, for now I can only provide you with a few options I know about. They’re a few dollars a month and may be worth a try.

  • Babbel
  • Rocket Languages
    You can grab $50 off until December 30th, 2018 by clicking this link:

             Save $50 off of any Rocket Languages foreign language course with coupon code ROCKETDEAL



Book Rentals


10.  Campus Book Rentals10 Amazing ESL Textbooks

Aren’t textbooks so expensive?  Trust me,  I hear you!  I spent a good 200 euros on textbooks at the beginning of every year, just to be sure I can be prepared for my tutoring students.(If you’d like, you can check out my post on Top 10 ESL Textbooks).

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to rent textbooks?

Look at this:


Campus Book Rentals lets college students rent textbooks for the semester and then give them back, lowering costs for students all over the USA.  (Sorry, I don’t know of any programs that are operating here in Europe or in Canada, but please let me know in the comments if you do!)


Well, I hope my teacher deals post was helpful for some of you.  Want to share your experience with one of the products or services above? I love to hear from all of you in the comments below, and I respond to every comment.

Happy Teaching!




P.S.  The photo was today’s post is one I took of the tram in Lisbon, Portugal in May 2017.

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