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The Right To Information & The Right To Access:  

This Privacy Policy serves to inform you that your data (name and email address) will be used to send you occasional updates about The Teaching Cove, and free monthly printables emails. You will be directed towards this Privacy Policy when subscribing to The Teaching Cove.

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The Right To Erasure (also known as “The Right To Be Forgotten”):

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The Right To Rectification:  

You have the right to request to change, update or modify any personal data we have that you believe is incorrect. To do so, please send a request to sapna [at] teachingcove [dot] com.

The Right To Restrict Processing & Rights in Relation to Automated Decision Making and Profiling:  

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The Teaching Cove also participants in other affiliate programs. This means that if you decide to purchase something via a link originating from my website, I may receive a small commission for the product(s) you purchase, at no additional cost to you.

  • This blog is a source of income, which helps me offset the costs of maintaining this website and make an income for the free resources I provide. This means I may sell products and/or promote products other businesses sell.
  • I will only promote products I have personally used and feel will be beneficial to my readers.
  • I would never compromise this integrity to make a profit. 
  • You can trust me!  I am always happy to answer any questions you have at sapna[at]teachingcove.com or via the Contact page.



When commenting on my blog, site, or social media pages, please be courteous! The Teaching Cove is a positive place for teachers and educators to learn about and share resources. So, please leave helpful, constructive comments. Discriminatory, hateful, profane or otherwise inappropriate comments will not be tolerated. The Teaching Cove reserves the right to delete these comments without notice.

I am always happy to hear from you. If you have questions, please contact me by email at sapna[at]teachingcove.com or via the Contact page.

These policies were last updated on May 18th, 2018. Any changes or amendments to these policies will be updated here.

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